2021 Legislative and Regulatory Priorities





Dry Bulk Axle Variance Legislative 10% axle tolerance for commercial motor vehicles transporting dry bulk goods. Increasing the maximum weight on any tandem-axle trailer to 37,400 lbs. but leave the maximum laden vehicle weight untouched at 80,000 lbs.


Electronic Shipping Papers / Shipper Certification Regulatory – Seek PHMSA to amend regulations requiring hard copy shipping paper to accompany the shipment on the vehicle, allowing the acceptance either telephonically or electronically (EDI) as an alternative.


Reform HazMat Truck Requirements at Highway Rail Grade Crossing Regulatory – Remove the requirement of all trucks laden with hazardous materials to come to a full stop at highway-rail grade crossings.






Lawsuit Abuse Reform (Tort Reform) Legislative – Addressing root cause of increased insurance rates, extreme and unjustified verdicts driven by plaintiffs' attorneys.


Definition of Independent Contractor Legislative NTTC is advocating to protect the long-standing independent contractor model utilized by a large portion of the trucking industry. Congress recognized this relationship in Section 530 safe harbor of the Revenue Act of 1978 and NTTC seeks to protect the model from attempts of reclassification. President Biden is working to implement California’s AB-5 and the infamous ABC test on a national scale. Congress may follow through on this promise by trying to enact the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which NTTC opposes.


F4A Legislative NTTC continues to oppose a patchwork of state wage and hour rules and regulations. NTTC supports DOT’s preemption pronouncement that was validated by the 9th Circuit.


Workforce Legislative NTTC strongly supports increased outreach and an expansion of training opportunities. DRIVE Safe Act - NTTC is advocating to reintroduce the DRIVE Safe Act early in the new Congress. NTTC and its 90-plus coalition allies will strongly advocate for passage in Congress until it becomes law.





Infrastructure / Highway Funding Legislative NTTC supports robust investments in our nation’s road systems because a well-maintained, reliable, and efficient network of highways is crucial to the delivery of freight. NTTC opposes truck-only fees or premature imposition of new fees.


CSA Measures Regulatory FMCSA has acted to take down scores, per the FAST ACT. NTTC advocates the scores remain down until the program is completely fixed.


Security Credential Background Check Harmonization Regulatory – Seek the elimination of redundant security background checks on drivers.


Intrastate HazMat Carriers to have USDOT Numbers Regulatory – Require all motor carriers to provide a USDOT Number when registering with PHMSA, intrastate hazardous materials carriers from all states will be able to be tracked by PHMSA, FMCSA, and their state enforcement agencies.


Federal Excise Tax Repeal LegislativeNTTC strongly supports repealing the FET, provided the HTF revenue is replaced.


Minimum Insurance LegislativeNTTC strongly supports the equivalent minimum levels of insurance for all carriers.


Underride Protection Legislative – Monitor activity with the rising concern to require underride protection on new tank trailers and modifications to existing tank trailers. NTTC opposing to the required addition of underride protection.