Tank Truck University


We're here to help you be the best in the industry.

Tank Truck University (TTU) provides educational opportunities for tank truck carriers to learn the regulations and best practices they need to excel. TTU offers a wide variety of programs designed to promote safety, train future leaders, and ensure regulatory compliance. Enrolling your employees in TTU is a strong way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety. 


We're ready, wherever you're headed.

Our educational programming is available wherever you are. Including workshops, educational webinars, and in-person training opportunities like our annual Leadership Development Seminar at Purdue University, TTU continues the NTTC tradition of providing every member with the best training in the tank truck industry.   

TTU offers exclusive webinars and archived videos. NTTC / DOT Cargo Tank Test & Inspection Workshops are offered regionally –  promoting safety while keeping your staff certified and in compliance with the latest regulations. And our in-person training opportunities are available nationwide, helping you to become an expert in the field.

Through TTU, NTTC provides you and your staff with the best training in the tank truck industry. We offer a wide variety of programs to meet you where you are –  whether you're close to home, online, or across the country.