North and South Carolina Declare States of Emergency

This week, states of emergency were declared for North Carolina and South Carolina in response to Hurricane Idalia. 

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper issued Executive Order 284 on August 28. The Order directs North Carolina Department of Transportation to waive the maximum hours of service for drivers prescribed by DPS pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 20-381 for (1) persons transporting essential fuels, food, water, non-alcoholic beverages, medical supplies, feed for livestock and poultry, (2) persons transporting livestock, poultry, and crops ready to be harvested and (3) vehicles used in the restoration of utility and transportation services. Furthermore, Executive Order 284 waives state regulations on sizes and weights providing that the driver secures a permit from the state Department of Transportation. Additional restrictions apply for the sizes and weights relief, and such measures are not applicable on the interstate highway system. Executive Order 284 expires 30 days from issue, or until the emergency is over. The full declaration can be found by clicking here.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster issued Executive Order 2023-29 on August 29 tasked the state Department of Transportation and state Department of Public Safety to suspend enforcement of commercial vehicle rules relating to vehicle permitting, length, width, weight, load, and hours of service if providing direct assistance to the storm. Additional restrictions apply, and the measure is not applicable to the interstate highway system. Executive Order 2023-29 expires fifteen days from issue unless further amended by executive order. The full declaration can be found by clicking here.

The Carolinas join Florida and Georgia with executive orders that provide regulatory relief for trucking. NTTC staff will continue to monitor these and other emergency declarations, and will broadcast updates when available.