Nebraska Extends Emergency Fuel Hauling Relief

On February 2 of 2023, Governor Pillen of Nebraska signed Executive Order 23-03 due to fuel shortages caused by high demand. As such, this declaration temporarily waives Hours of Service regulations under 49 CFR part 395 for the limited purpose of hauling gasoline or gasoline blends, diesel, fuel oil, ethanol, propane, and biodiesel. This emergency declaration will end February 28, 2023 unless further extended.

Additional rules and restrictions apply. It is important to note that this declaration does not apply to the interstate highway system. Drivers exercising this temporary Hours of Service waiver must carry a copy of the proclamation with them as evidence of their direct support to the State of Nebraska. Executive Order 23-03 can be viewed by clicking here.

Nebraska joins Colorado, which announced earlier this week similar fuel transportation relief efforts. NTTC staff will continue to monitor these and other emergency declarations, and will broadcast updates when available.