NTTC's Capitol Hill Video Highlights Clean Freight Coalition's Zero-Emission Mission

NTTC is a proud member of the Clean Freight Coalition, who recently met with Members of Congress to not only inform about the trucking industry’s strive towards efficiency, but also to advocate for public policies that transition toward a zero-emission future that protects the nation's supply chain. The Coalition released a video which not only showcases these meetings on Capitol Hill, but also reaffirms the organization’s support for cleaner transportation through sufficient leadtime, regulatory stability, and infrastructure development. NTTC President & CEO Ryan Streblow said, “Transportation is all about moving things or people as safe, fast, clean, reliable, and affordable as possible. In short, efficiency is the name of the game. If we can reduce costs and effects of bulk surface transportation, financial benefits will be passed along to the American consumer. And if that means we have a cleaner world we all share, we inherently all win.” Watch the video here

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