Georgia Issues Emergency Declaration for Hurricane Idalia, Issues Relief for Hours of Service, Sizes, and Weights

On August 29, Georgia Governor Kemp issued Executive Orders and in response to Hurricane Idalia. Executive Order suspends the state’s hours of service regulations to help promote the flow of commodities to respond to the storm, with petroleum products being specifically cited. This relief expires in 30 days or until the emergency ceases, whichever occurs first.

Executive Order provides size and weight increases for CMVs providing Hurricane Idalia response support when issued an emergency permit by the Georgia Dept. of Public Safety. Size and weight increases apply only to CMVs that are providing relief efforts in response to Hurricane Idalia and on roadways maintained by the State of Georgia, excluding interstates. The updated Executive Order allows a maximum gross weight of 95,000 LBS, maximum width of 10 feet, and an overall length of 100 feet when issued an emergency permit. Limitations apply and specific conditions must be complied with to operate under Executive Order An emergency permit can be obtained by contacting GA DPS at (844) 837-5500 or through the GA Permitting and Routing Optimization System online portal at This relief expires when Executive Order does.

Both Executive Orders can be read in their entirety by clicking here. Additional restrictions apply. Georgia follows Florida which declared a state of emergency over the weekend. Details of Florida’s trucking waivers can be found by clicking here. NTTC staff will continue to monitor these and other emergency declarations, and will broadcast updates when available.