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The 2020 North American Safety Contest is Open

NTTC is now accepting applications for the 2020 North American Safety Contest. This esteemed award recognizes tank truck operations in North America with the best safety program and safety record for the year. NTTC strives to encourage safety and success in the tank truck industry and this award recognizes the gold standard.

The North American Safety Contest is conducted in two stages: Stage one evaluates Recordable Accident Frequency based on recordable accidents per million miles. Stage two evaluates a wider range of criteria, including a company's safety programs and culture.

The award winners by mileage class in stage one will advance to stage two and compete for NTTC’s North American Safety Champion in one of two Divisions: The Harvison Division and the Sutherland Division.

Please complete this form by February 26, 2021 to be considered for the North American Safety Contest.

We encourage all carrier and fleet members to apply. This contest allows us to gather a great deal of safety data about the state of the industry, which NTTC has leveraged in advocacy efforts to show lawmakers and regulators that we are one of the safest segments in the trucking industry.

Best of luck to your companies. We are proud that our members represent the pinnacle of safety within a challenging industry.

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