FMCSA Grants NTTC's Rear Brake-Activated Light Exemption to the Tank Truck Industry



In September 2019, NTTC petitioned the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to expand a safety focused exemption it had previously granted to NTTC Carrier Member Groendyke Transportation to the rest of the tank truck industry. The exemption allows tank truck carriers to mount brake-activated pulsing lights on the rear of its trailers to improve visibility, reducing rear-end collisions. The complete Rear Brake-Activated Light Exemption can be found here.

This exemption is a simple, common sense way to reduce accidents in our industry. When Groendyke installed these lights on their trailers and petitioned FMCSA, all rear-end collisions dropped by 33.7%.

With the exemption expanded, this simple and highly effective safety practice is available to the entire tank truck industry with the full approval of FMCSA. For that, NTTC extends its thanks to Deputy Administrator Deck and the rest of FMCSA for its consideration of and action on this issue.