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NTTC Urges Federal Intervention to Avert Crippling Rail Strike

ARLINGTON, Va., November 30, 2022 – NTTC is urging the President of the United States and Congress to finalize work towards resolution of a looming railroad labor strike.

NTTC applauds the House of Representatives for expediting passage of H.J. Res. 100 to settle the unresolved disputes between certain railroads and certain employees. Additionally, NTTC asks for swift approval of this legislation by both the Senate and President of the United States.

It is possible for a national rail strike to commence on December 9 if all parties, including labor groups, railroad companies, the Administration, and Congress do not reach an agreement. Failure to avert a strike would disrupt the national supply chain already facing significant workforce, capacity, and inflationary challenges. Transportation constraints would impede delivery times and availability of vital chemicals used for manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, vital petroleum products for the driving and flying public, as well as perishable foodstuffs and more. The effects seen by the Colonial Pipeline shutdown of 2021 would pale in comparison.

“Transportation is a balanced and interdependent ecosystem,” said NTTC President & CEO Ryan Streblow. “Think of the supply chain like a balloon - if pressure is squeezed on one end, the other end must expand to make up for it. The American rail and tank truck industries successfully transport bulk commodities like fuels and chemicals in tandem.  When one segment is affected the other must fill the gap.  In this case, if our rail system ceases operations, there are not enough tank trucks to fill a gap like that.”

“The tank truck industry has many challenges today, with a driver shortage being chief among them. Exacerbated by COVID-19 lockdowns, our industry is short tens of thousands of drivers to meet today’s demand – even before a railroad strike,” said Randall Clifford, NTTC Chairman. “If our rail system shuts down, we just don’t have enough drivers to replace fuel and other deliveries that the American public depend on.”

NTTC agrees with Congressional sentiment that a rail strike would be detrimental. The American supply chain, the American economy and the American family depend on all stakeholders coming together for a swift resolution.