Iowa Issues Trucking Weight Proclamations for Several Bulk Commodities 

On October 28, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed several proclamations regarding trucking weight limits of grain, fertilizers, manure, and fuels.

The Harvest Proclamation, originally signed on September 30, has been extended. The proclamation allows vehicles transporting corn, soybeans, hay, straw, silage, stover, fertilizer (dry, liquid, and gas), and manure (dry and liquid) to be overweight (not exceeding 90,000 pounds gross weight) without a permit for the duration of this proclamation. The order, effective immediately, is intended to help with efficient and effective collection of the time-sensitive harvest.

Citing increased demand and high wait times at petroleum product terminals, Governor Reynolds signed a separate proclamation allowing vehicles transporting motor fuels (including gasoline, diesel #1, diesel #2, ethanol, biodiesel, aviation gas, and jet fuel) to be overweight (not exceeding 90,000 pounds gross weight) without a permit. The proclamation also temporarily suspends regulatory provisions of Iowa law pertaining to hours of service for crews and drivers hauling motor fuels.

Both of Iowa’s proclamations are effective immediately and expire on November 27, 2022 unless further amended. Additional rules and regulations apply. It is important to note that these orders do not apply to the interstate system, and that vehicles do not exceed the maximum axle weight limit determined under the non-primary highway maximum gross weight table in Iowa Code by more than 12.5 percent, do not exceed the legal maximum axle weight limit of 20,000 pounds, and comply with posted limits on roads and bridges.

Iowa joins South Dakota, who earlier this week declared an hours of service waiver for fuel hauling. NTTC staff will continue to monitor these and other emergency declarations, and will broadcast updates when available.