NTTC Fact Sheet Released: Petroleum Driver Shortage at a Glance

On August 11, 2021, National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. (NTTC) released a fact sheet that provides visualizations and key summaries of the tank truck industry’s greatest problem: a declining workforce size. This fact sheet has been created for NTTC and its members to communicate to legislators, regulators, and shippers the details of the growing driver shortage crisis.

Over a two year period from May 2019, it was reported to the NTTC that the petroleum-hauling tank truck industry has experienced a 41.6% reduction in qualified driver applicants and a 23.3% reduction in drivers. The difficulty in finding qualified professional drivers is taking a toll on industry productivity, which has seen an 11% decline in loads hauled. It is possible that this decline will continue in future years, as 23% of petroleum drivers are within 10 years of (or surpassed) retirement age. Data was collected by NTTC from select members that make up 25% of the petroleum transportation in the United States.  

The tank truck industry carries a wide variety of commodities essential to everyday life beyond petroleum, and the driver workforce shortages reported by petroleum transportation companies is not unique to their segment. 

NTTC has been a vocal advocate for the tank truck industry, showcasing the challenges and unique opportunities facing bulk surface transportation. To counter the declining workforce size in trucking, NTTC strongly supports increased outreach and an expansion of training opportunities. Additionally, NTTC is a leader advocating for the passage of the DRIVE Safe Act by Congress.


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