Department of Transportation and Four States Issue Regulatory Waivers

The Department of Transportation has announced additional measures to assist states affected by the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack. The declaration of a major disaster allows affected states to use interstate highways to transport overweight loads of fuel. Read the declaration here.

Additionally, several states have issues waivers of their own:

Georgia has issued a waiver suspending the hours of service regulations in the state, allows vehicles beyond normal size and weight regulations to be issued permits, and allows fuel haulers to bypass weigh stations and inspection stations. Read the Waiver 

Virginia has waived registration and licensing requirements, and normal weight and width restrictions on Virginia roads for statewide fuel haulers and shippers. Read the Waiver

North Carolina
North Carolina has waived registration requirements, fuel tax requirements, certain size and weight requirements, and parts of its hours of service regulations. Read the Waiver

Delaware has waived size and weight limits for refined petroleum product loads. Read the Waiver