NTTC Joins FMCSA's Our Roads, Our Safety Coalition

Today, the National Tank Truck Carriers joined the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Our Roads, Our Safety Coalition. As a coalition partner, NTTC will collaborate with FMCSA and other stakeholders to make America’s highways a safer place for all drivers. This initiative dovetails with NTTC’s anti-distracted driving program, Zero Distractions. Through Our Roads, Our Safety, NTTC’s safety programs will reach wider audiences, and NTTC will help other partners do the same. FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez met with NTTC this afternoon to formally welcome our association into the program.

Our Roads, Our Safety is a consortium of industry and safety groups that aims to improve roadway safety by empowering road users and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to operate safely around large trucks and busses. The program aims to educate drivers of all kinds of vehicles, from commercial motor vehicles to motorcycles, on how to safely coexist on our roads.

“Driving a truck is very different from driving a car, and the public at large just doesn’t understand that,” said Paul Emerson, the NTTC Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year. “The more people that understand things like blindspots, or how long it takes to stop, the safer our highways and roads are. And we should always be working to make the highways a safer place, because the road is my workplace and the workplace of millions of other people.” NTTC’s existing safety awareness campaign, Zero Distractions, aims to end passenger vehicle distracted driving, a dangerous practice with a level of driving impairment comparable to drunk driving.

“We’re very happy to be a part of this program,” said Daniel Furth, President of NTTC. “Our Roads, Our Safety fits perfectly with NTTC’s mission to champion safety and success in the tank truck industry through advocacy and education. We simply must eradicate the extremely dangerous and idiotic practice of texting while driving This opportunity to collaborate with FMCSA and other major industry players allows us to do just that.”