A Trip Aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln

Recently, Chairman Dennis Nash of the Kenan Advantage Group arranged for trucking industry leaders to land on the USS Abraham Lincoln, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.  NTTC President Daniel Furth joined the group for an arrested landing experience and a catapult launched return trip to the home of the US Navy’s Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, VA.  On board, the group met with the leadership of the strike group and the carrier, as well as many of the dedicated sailors who work around the clock to keep our country safe. The group learned of the varied functions on the ship and discussed workforce development challenges similar to those we face in the trucking industry.  

“This was a once in a lifetime experience,” said Furth.  “To witness first-hand the US Navy’s 100% commitment to safety throughout the aircraft carrier was extremely impressive and holds a valuable lesson for the tank truck industry.  Everyone on that ship must work together to ensure safety just as it is for our tank truck carriers on each and every load.”

Here’s a few photos from the trip.