Top Legislative Priorities

Driver Sustainability

The greatest challenge facing the tank truck industry today is to attract and retain the best truck drivers in America.  We support legislation which would reverse Federal Agency efforts to restrict driver productivity and that would eliminate non-productive and burdensome requirements such as multiple licensing and background check requirements for drivers to transport hazardous materials.  NTTC supports the MODERN Security Credentials Act. 

Cargo Tank Wetlines

NTTC urges adoption of the language in HR7 which would prohibit the Secretary of Transportation from issuing a final rule to ban product from loading/unloading lines on cargo tanks at least until completion of a study by an independent body.  NTTC has led the fight to prevent this requirement which cannot be justified by any reasonable cost/benefit analysis.  

HMT Reauthorization

NTTC strongly supports the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act Language in HR7 and urges House Senate Re-authorization conferees to include the language in a compromise bill to be produced prior to June 30.  


NTTC Supports the objectives of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability programs FMCSA, but believes improvements are needed, including establishment of "Crash accountability" procedures to avoid the penal display of non-preventable crashes. 

NTTC Policies

Size and Weight

NTTC supports a ten percent increase in truck weight on existing configurations.  We also support the use of longer combination vehicles in certain western border states.


NTTC supports a Federal requirement for the use of Electronic On Board Recorders and electronic logging. 


NTTC supports development of North American energy resources, including the XL Pipeline.

Electronic Stability Control

NTTC supports the NHTSA mandate for ECS on new tractors.  We adopted that policy in 2008.

Open Issues

CBP Reauthorization
Definition of Independent Contractors
Hours of Service

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